Manjula Murthy

Manjula’s passion for this very feminine dance form led her at an early age to seek the guidance of the late Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma the renowned pioneer who revived this art. Two years under the wings of the Guru imparted to her the skills she sought.
Seeking to widen her horizons and further polish her skills Manjula sought admission in Nrityagram, the Gurukul of the famous dancer, late Protima Gauri Bedi, which culminated in a nine year tutelage by the acclaimed Mohiniattam Guru, Padmasri Bharathi Shivaji. It is a reflection of the traditional gurukul system that she regards that eminent dancer as more than her Guru, but as a mother too. She has taken part in most productions by her Guru.

Manjula has won praise and accolade for her effort. She has performed at various venues at home and all around the world. Her graceful rendition of dance has been appreciated by her peers and audiences. Long years of training alone do not make a true artiste though it will make skilled one. It takes a dedication, a single-mindedness of purpose and most importantly a soul filled with the joy of self expression to achieve that. Then her dance becomes art! Manjula’s pursuit of her art continues with practice and performances. The dancer knows no rest for the pinnacle of excellence always beckons her. She has proved herself a worthy student and successor to her legendary mentors. She has blossomed into a dancer to be reckoned with, having been widely acclaimed by critics and connoisseurs the world over.


Awards Received:

Recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskaar-2009 for outstanding performance in Mohiniyattam
Nritya Jayantika Title From Mayadhar Raut Institute Of Odissi Dance.



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